Account Executive

We are looking for 2 experienced Account Executives that can prove to be an effective & proactive member of the company’s internal teams.

The first will work primarily with retail based clients & businesses.

The second will work primarily with automotive based clients. Prior experience with automotive is major plus and will be highly considered.

Experience with an agency or in a marketing environment is a must (preferably 3+ years). This person must have extensive knowledge and experience in handling and maintaining campaigns for product and/or service based businesses. The right person is proactive – you must be able to have the foresight to anticipate & prevent problems from even arising. Proper planning and execution for multiple jobs/projects running concurrently is crucial to this success.

All applicants should be capable of the following:

  • Creating and monitoring of campaigns & budgets
  • Handling numerous on-going jobs at the same time
  • Planning and preparation of client campaign assets
  • Full understanding in the workings with art, copy, production, media, and digital/web departments

Please send salary & work history along with resume to, or fill out the form below.

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