Account Executive

Lee Tilford is looking to hire a person with 3+ year’s experience working on Account Executive/Client Service teams in an agency environment. Because of the collaboration needed with numerous other internal teams, please understand this full-time position is for in-office only & that remote or freelance work requests will not be considered.


The primary role for this position will be to work with other Account Executives and members of both our Creative & Digital/Media teams to coordinate, organize and help execute the client’s marketing plan plus assist in the management & creation of their creative assets.


The secondary role of this position is being involved in all matters of event planning for those clients who’s marketing involves events. Event/Vendor Coordination & Planning, RSVP Coordination, and Day of Event Help are all tasks this position will be involved in across all clients.


The right person for this position must have excellent communication and teamwork skills, a high level of organization & planning, the ability to prioritize and stay organized and display an ongoing sense of urgency. Lastly, the right person is much more proactive and not just reactive – you must be able to have the foresight to anticipate & prevent mishaps from arising. Proper planning and execution for multiple jobs/projects running concurrently are crucial to success.


Other skills for this position should include


  • extensive knowledge and experience in handling and maintaining campaigns for product and/or service-based businesses.
  • Creating and monitoring of campaigns & budgets
  • Handling numerous on-going jobs at the same time
  • Planning and preparation of client campaign assets
  • Full understanding in the workings with art, copy, production, media/digital, and video departments.
  • Event planning, bidding, & coordination of multiple parties


Lee Tilford Agency has been in business for over 40 years, thanks in part to our team of experienced, smart, & passionate people. We value our clients, our people, our families, and our quality of life and make sure to balance all those. We are located in South Austin with easy access from major roadways. Benefits for the position include enrollment in our group medical/dental/vision plans, paid vacation starting at 2 weeks, paid sick/personal leave, and breakfast provided every day.

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